The Surprising Power of ดู หนัง Luck: How Thai Superstitions Influence Movie Choices


The Thai culture is steeped in belief in supernatural forces and the power of luck. Superstitions and beliefs about the natural world have been ingrained in the culture for centuries and form an important aspect of daily life in Thailand. One of the most interesting ways that these beliefs manifest themselves is in the way that Thai people choose which movies to watch.

In Thailand, the most popular form of entertainment is movies. Thai people flock to cinemas every week to catch the latest releases, but their choices are heavily influenced by their beliefs about luck and fortune. This has led to some surprising trends in the types of movies that are popular in Thailand, and even the way that movies are promoted and marketed.

In Thai culture, luck is believed to play a powerful role in determining one’s fate. Many Thais believe that their fortunes are determined by a combination of good luck, hard work, and karma. As a result, they are always on the lookout for ways to improve their luck, and this includes the movies they choose to watch.

For example, horror movies are often believed to be unlucky because they can awaken malevolent spirits and bring bad luck to those who watch them. This is why horror movies are often released on specific auspicious dates, such as Friday the 13th or during the Ghost Festival. By releasing these movies on these dates, movie producers hope to capitalize on the public’s belief in the power of luck and increase their box office sales.

On the other hand, romantic comedies are believed to be lucky because they are associated with positive emotions and bring happiness to those who watch them. This is why romantic comedies are often released around Valentine’s Day or other romantic holidays. By capitalizing on the public’s belief in the power of luck, movie producers hope to increase their chances of success at the box office.

Another interesting trend in Thai movie culture is the use of lucky numbers. In Thailand, certain numbers are believed to be lucky, while others are considered unlucky. For example, the number six is considered lucky because it is homophonous with the Thai word “luxury,” while the number four is considered unlucky because it sounds like the Thai word for “death.”

As a result, many Thai movie producers use lucky numbers in their promotional materials and even in the titles of their movies. For example, the movie “Pee Mak Phra Khanong” was released in 2013, which was believed to be a particularly lucky year. The movie’s title includes the number nine, which is considered lucky because it symbolizes longevity and prosperity. The movie went on to become one of the highest-grossing Thai movies of all time.

Similarly, the movie “Bad Genius” was released on September 3, 2017, which was believed to be a particularly lucky day because the numbers in the date added up to nine. The movie’s promotional materials prominently featured the number nine, and the movie became a massive success, grossing over 1 billion baht at the box office.

In addition to lucky numbers, Thai movie producers also use astrology to promote their movies. For example, the movie “Homestay” was released on May 5, 2018, which was believed to be an especially auspicious day because it was the day of the full moon in the zodiac sign Taurus. The movie’s promotional materials featured images of the full moon and the Taurus symbol, and the movie went on to become one of the most successful Thai horror movies of all time.

In conclusion, the power of luck and superstition in Thai culture is a fascinating aspect of daily life. This belief in the power of luck extends to the movies that Thais choose to watch, and movie producers have capitalized on this belief by releasing movies on auspicious dates and using lucky numbers and astrology in their promotional materials. The effects of these beliefs can be seen in the types of movies that are popular in Thailand, and they provide a unique insight into the way that cultural beliefs can influence popular culture.

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