รีวิวร้องข้ามกำแพงล่าสุด EP 132 Full: ตะลุยโลกของแชมป์เอเชีย

ร้องข้ามกำแพง (Rongkhamkangphaeng) is a Thai reality singing competition show that has been on air since 2018. The show allows contestants to showcase their vocal skills and compete against each other in various challenges. The most recent episode, EP 132, features contestants from Asia and their journey through the competition.

The episode begins with the judges, Da Endorphine, Gun Napat, and Mark Michaels, introducing the eight contestants. These contestants come from various countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Each contestant gives a short introduction about themselves and their musical background, which helps the viewers understand their style and voice texture.

Moving forward, the contestants are divided into two groups and compete in multiple challenges. The first challenge is the Group Song Challenge, where the contestants sing a medley of popular songs. The second challenge is the Duet Challenge, where they pair up with another contestant and perform a duet. For the third challenge, the contestants sing a solo song, showcasing their vocal abilities.

Throughout the episode, the judges’ comments and critiques are displayed, giving viewers an insight into their opinions regarding each performance. The judges praise the contestants for their vocal abilities, stage presence, and overall performance skills. However, they also offer constructive feedback, which helps contestants improve their skills for future episodes.

One of the standout performances in EP 132 was from Indonesian contestant, Dennis, who sang a rendition of “Somebody To Love” by Queen. With his vocal range and stage presence, he managed to give a captivating performance and received high praises from the judges.

Another impressive performance came from Thai contestant, Jinnawat, who sang “See Her” by Singto Numchok. Jinnawat displayed a soulful voice and excellent control, which made his performance stand out amongst the other contestants.

One of the most interesting aspects of Rongkhamkangphaeng is the diversity of contestants. The show not only features contestants from different countries but also showcases contestants from different musical backgrounds. This diversity adds to the overall entertainment value of the show and makes it a unique competition.

As the episode progresses, the competition becomes more intense, with contestants giving their all to win. The next challenge, the Team Battle Challenge, comprises two teams competing against each other. In this round, contestants sing a song together and showcase their vocal harmonies.

The teams are divided based on their birth year, adding to the competition’s excitement, and each team member sings a section of the song. The judges praise both teams for their vocal capabilities and their ability to work together as a team.

The final challenge, the Ranking Challenge, determines which contestant will be eliminated from the competition. The contestants are ranked based on their previous performances, and the lowest-ranked contestant is eliminated. Although it is an intense process, it adds to the overall drama and entertainment value of the show.

In conclusion, Rongkhamkangphaeng EP 132 Full was an exciting and entertaining episode that showcased the talents of various Asian contestants. The diversity of contestants and their musical backgrounds added to the show’s uniqueness and kept viewers engaged. The judges’ critiques and feedback provided valuable insight for the contestants to use in future performances. Overall, it was an excellent episode that showcased the talents of Asian singers and the entertainment value of this reality singing competition show.

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