ดาวตก ก่อ เกิด รัก พากย์ ไทย ep 8: การพบกันของคู่รัก

คุณกำลังดูโพสต์นี้: ดาวตก ก่อ เกิด รัก พากย์ ไทย ep 8: การพบกันของคู่รัก

ดาวตก ก่อ เกิด รัก พากย์ ไทย ep 8: การพบกันของคู่รัก (Daow Tuk Kor Koed Ruk Paeng Thai ep 8: Gaan Pob Gan Kong Koo Rak) or in English, Falling into You (2020) episode 8: The Encounter of a Couple in Love, is a Thai drama that tells the story of two individuals who fall in love without realizing that their destinies are intertwined. The show is produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and aired on China’s streaming platform Tencent Video.

The main cast of the series includes actors such as Johnny Huang, Esther Yu, and Leo Li. Johnny Huang plays the role of Fang Xie’en, a successful businessman who has everything but love. Esther Yu portrays the character of Fang Yan, who is lively and cheerful but suffers from a chronic illness. Leo Li, on the other hand, plays the role of Shen Ju’an, who is Yan’s childhood friend and secret admirer.

In episode 8 of Falling into You, viewers get to witness the moment when Fang Xie’en and Fang Yan finally meet each other for the first time. In previous episodes, Shen Ju’an had told Fang Xie’en about his childhood friend Fang Yan, and how he has always secretly loved her. But Fang Xie’en had never met Fang Yan before, despite being curious about her.

The episode starts with Fang Xie’en moving to a new apartment in Shanghai. He had specifically chosen this apartment because Shen Ju’an had told him that Fang Yan worked nearby. While Fang Xie’en was entering his apartment, he heard a commotion in the corridor. It was Fang Yan, who had just arrived from a business trip and was struggling to carry her luggage.

Fang Xie’en offered to help her, and the two of them finally met each other. However, they didn’t reveal their names to each other, and it wasn’t until later that they found out that they were the people that Shen Ju’an had talked about.

Throughout the episode, viewers get to see the chemistry between Fang Xie’en and Fang Yan. Despite just meeting each other, they seem to get along well, and Fang Xie’en is intrigued by Fang Yan’s bubbly personality. Meanwhile, Fang Yan feels safe and protected around Fang Xie’en, which is something she craves due to her medical condition.

As the episode progresses, viewers also get to see how Shen Ju’an feels about the encounter between Fang Xie’en and Fang Yan. He feels jealous and worried that Fang Xie’en will win over Fang Yan’s heart. Shen Ju’an also feels guilty for not being able to be around Fang Yan more often because of his busy schedule.

One of the most memorable scenes in the episode is when Fang Xie’en organizes a surprise for Fang Yan’s birthday. He has been observing Fang Yan’s love for music and surprises her by arranging a private performance with a famous musician. Fang Yan is ecstatic and grateful for the gesture, and it’s clear that she is starting to develop feelings for Fang Xie’en.

However, towards the end of the episode, the story takes a dramatic turn. Fang Yan’s medical condition takes a turn for the worse, and she collapses in front of Fang Xie’en. The episode ends with Fang Xie’en rushing Fang Yan to the hospital and praying for her recovery.

In conclusion, episode 8 of Daow Tuk Kor Koed Ruk Paeng Thai (Falling into You) is a heartwarming episode that shows the unexpected encounter between two individuals who are meant to be together. The chemistry between the two leads, Johnny Huang and Esther Yu, is undeniable, and viewers can’t help but root for them to end up together. The episode also explores the theme of fate and how our paths are intertwined with others. Overall, it’s an emotionally charged episode that leaves viewers wanting more.

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